Diversity Toolkit Explained

Diversity Toolkit Explained

The work posted here shows my dedication and respect for a diverse community. My focus on Children’s books was intentional because I believe that it is important to teach children as early as possible to embrace diversity and the differences that we all bring to the table. It is important that we share experiences across cultures and this starts with having a diverse collection in every library whether it be public, school, or home.

If children are deprived of cultural exposures, they can cause harm to themselves and others due to ignorance that could easily be eradicated through education via fiction and non-fiction books. The more children see not only themselves but others, in books, the more they learn to build empathy towards those different from them. It is empathy that teaches children to look at the world through views that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

There are Book Reviews with a List of Book recommendations for 6 cultural groups. I have also included an activity plan for promoting cultural diversity as well as a list of resources for diversifying library holdings and activities.

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